Thursday, April 11, 2024


Back to Provence, for now. I think this is another shot from Séguret, a hillside town not far from Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It's one of the Côtes du Rhône Villages appellations in the lower portions of the Rhône Valley.

Ceramics, foody things, and wine available in this shop in Séguret.

Which grapes go into Séguret (and other villages wines from the area) is kind of complicated. The primary grape (grenache noir) must make up at least fifty percent of the blend. Two other secondary varieties (syrah and mourvedre) must make up at least twenty percent. Together, these three grapes must make up at least eighty percent of the finished wine. Other blending varieties (too many to mention) are limited to no more than twenty percent. Got it?

Special note to Raybeard: So sorry to learn of Patchie's passing. Twenty years is a long time to spend with a pet (although it's also not long enough). I'm still unable to comment on your blog, so I'm hoping that you'll pass by here one day and find these well wishes.


  1. I wouldn’t have been able to pass by that shop without going inside. Charming.

  2. I love seeing this display.

  3. mitch, we did go inside. A tiny place.

    evelyn, these places always look so inviting!


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