Friday, April 05, 2024

L'envers du décor

This is the other side of the ruins of the castle in Châteauneuf-du-Pape (yesterday's photo). Not much there. But fascinating, nonetheless.

The title of this post means "behind the scenes." Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

We're supposed to have a relatively warm weekend. I'm not expecting things to dry out enough for me to cut the grass, but maybe I'll get some other jobs done. Like picking up the winter's fallen sticks and branches, or digging out the remaining three grape vines, cleaning up the garden path, or pruning the big hydrangea. I don't think it's window washing weather, yet, but there's still no lack of chores to choose from.


  1. Thanks for sharing this view. I tried to imagine what it looked like after seeing the other side. Yes, fascinating, and enough remains to appreciate the quality of the workmanship.

  2. Wow! Imagine those partial vaults holding up the wall after so many centuries of wind and weather!

  3. That is a very cool view, and thanks for the new expression, that I did not know!
    I am miserable at pruning. It's overwhelming to me to try to figure out when to do what.

  4. Mary in Oregon05 April, 2024 20:30

    Who would have guessed about today's photo after seeing yesterdays! I always was thinking of 'reverse' but with de decor it makes sense (behind ...). Too bad we weren't informed about this part of the village. We never saw this!


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