Thursday, January 10, 2013

A blast from the past

In 1994 while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I took a trip back to upstate New York to visit family and friends. During that trip, I rode the train down to Manhattan for a day to do touristy things. I went to Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, and the World Trade Center, among other things.

Looking north. You can see the Empire State Building and Citicorp Center up in Midtown on the right.

This was not the first time I had been up to the observation deck of the WTC, but it was to be my last. We all know what happened seven years later. At that point in time I was taking color slides. I scanned a few of the slides from that trip and this is one of them. The photo loses some quality in the scanning, but I still like it. Especially because of the Trade Center. Those buildings were cool.


  1. What a beautiful of Manhattan! Very sad what happened to those amazing buildings. I enjoyed watching "Man on a wire" and see an intimate closeup of the towers.

  2. I forgot to add "view" before Manhattan!

  3. I never went up the trade centre on my visits to new York, but I do remember very well standing between the towers one grey and dismal Sunday morning.
    New York is a delight on a sunny day

  4. You're lucky Walt, at least you found your photos of the World Trade Centre, mine seem to have vanished into thin air. I'll keep on looking.
    Nice photo by the way.

  5. The photo looks great when expanded. Really nice.

  6. I never did have the chance to visit the towers.

  7. What is the white 'square' on the right side?

  8. Starman, the square is, I think, the angled top of the Citicorp building. In the low East 50s, as I recall -- 53rd?

  9. nadege, it's funny because I didn't notice it was missing. My brain just added it in!

    john, it was a very cool experience. My first time was in the very late 1970s. The agency I worked for then had offices in the #2 tower and I got to go down (from Albany) once in a while for work.

    virginiac, I'm very organized... lol!

    dean, thanks!

    anne marie, and you are so close!

    starman, emm is right, it's the roof of Citicorp Center.

    emm, I just looked it up... it's now apparently called "Citigroup" Center, and it's indeed on 53rd between Third and Lex.

    1. emm, strike that! It's now called 601 Lexington Avenue.


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