Thursday, January 17, 2013

A change in the weather

Our mild winter has given way to actual winter. This morning is the coldest so far this season at minus four celcius. That's measured at our house, which will typically read just a little warmer than temperatures around us because the thermometer is attached to the garage wall of the house (outside, of course). Even though the garage is not heated, it's probably a tad warmer than the air out in the vineyard.

Some dark clouds roll by to our north. The sky is clear now, so we're much colder.

Still, it's cold. And it's predicted to stay that way for at least a few days. We're expecting some snow over the weekend. We have yet to see how much we get (it won't be a lot) and how long it sticks around.


  1. Air temp in the potager is minus seven and a half here in our valley. But it was too dry to make a nice frosty rime to photgraph. Everything looks brown [trees] or green [grass]....

  2. It's 41 degrees here in Melbourne today Walt. You want to swap?????

  3. No wonder it's hard to get out of
    bed with the temp, according to Ken,
    at 53F! No way I'd be leaving those
    covers. Wonderful photo.

  4. I really feel for you! But the photo is beautiful.

  5. Only 1C here today, very chilly! Great photo. Diane

  6. Scenes like this are the very reason I live in Fort Lauderdale!

  7. Boston was in the low 60s F through the early part of this week and then the other day we had our first snow storm... a couple inches fell but thankfully have since been washed away thanks to the rain that followed, but its darn chilly here in Boston right now.

  8. tim, well, there might be snow now...

    leon, maybe just a little.

    sheila, I'm lucky... Ken gets up first and turns on the heat.

    nadege, it's not bad, really. I'm originally from upstate NY, you know.

    diane, ah, you're so warm down "south!"

    starman, spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming...

    bosguy, if it's January, it's chilly in Boston!


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