Sunday, January 06, 2013

La grisaille

The days are dark and gloomy right now. Low clouds, drizzle. Monotonous. It's called la grisaille; a pretty name for boring, dreary weather. Not at all like this photo of the sunrise a week or so ago. At some point this high pressure will fade and we will once again see some breaks in the clouds.

We're not even seeing small patches of blue like this right now.

Of course, that will also mean more changeable weather with the possibility of lower temperatures and snow. Well, it is winter, after all.


  1. Great photo :)
    Happy Fête des rois! I look forward to tomorrow's post, where (I hope), we'll see whether or not you made your own galette again this year, and what this year's fève is :)

    CDs: What do you do in your car for music? Just the radio? I know you don't drive long distances much, but, say, if you rent a car for a vacation, will you be plugging and mp3 player into something?

  2. Well, I like to see the good in things: your photo has the colors of provence - a little blue, a little yellow!

    Thank you for the new word for my recordkeeping from yours and Ken's blogs: la grissaille.

    I just read your post from yesterday, as well. How do you make the red arc for your charts - scientifically or by your eye?

    Maybe you've inspired me to chart our weather. It is difficult to keep that history straight when I'm asked to compare this year or this month to last by my long-distance friends! I already have an unused rain gauge from the Garden Tour a few years ago.

    My fingers are crossed that you took a photo of your King's Cake and you will share it with us (I would prefer the physical sharing, but I know that isn't possible!)

  3. Love your photo....surfing the web!

  4. Having a mild winter this year Walt? The seasons seem to go by so rapidly don't they as we become older.


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