Monday, January 21, 2013


Except for walking the dog and chopping wood for the fire, Ken and I stayed indoors all day watching it snow. We didn't get much, but enough to keep us from attempting the hill with the car. No one else attempted it, either, until one brave soul drove down mid-day.

The view from our living room early Sunday afternoon.

The plow didn't get up to clear the road until late in the afternoon. By then we had made apologies to friends who had invited us for dinner, not knowing when the snow would stop or how the roads would be. We decided to be prudent and to not drive after dark, after dinner, and after wine, in this weather.

Pretty much the same view, but with the deck visible.

Today we're expecting more precipitation, but are unsure of what form it will take. They say we will likely have more snow, but also some rain and some freezing rain. I guess that's what they call a "wintry mix." The weather is much worse north of us, toward Paris. The news is full of stories of delays and stranded travelers, and the airports are a mess, too. All this for less than six inches of snow.


  1. oh my. and yet again yesterday we hit the 50sF.

    this week - temps below 0C. and nothing on the ground either.

    stay inside and be with yourselves and the pets. enjoy nature's beauty from a window.

  2. Yes, a little white dusting (or more) is all very nice and photogenic, as long as it's kept on the other side of the glass.

  3. looks like that in London this morning too!!

  4. We had a light dusting here in Dublin but it is all nearly melted away.

  5. It makes for such beautiful pictures. But it sure is nice when you don't have to go out and travel in it.

  6. You have some good football
    tc watch...enjoy!

    1. Oh my, very pretty but you can have the snow, freezing rain and mush/slush. I'll take the 50 degrees plus and sun that we had yesterday and so far today (the sun just came up).


  7. Walt,

    I think I made a Reply to one of your commenters instead of leaving my own comment. Here goes again. Pretty scenes of snow and ice but you can have it. We'll take our 50 degrees plus temps and sun here on the coast of Delaware. No snow so far this year!


  8. It's a good day to be a couch potato.

  9. Walt

    Looks like upstate NY :-)

  10. Beautiful and yes, you may keep it. But, I doubt that we will not see any more here in Maine.

  11. Lovely photos :)
    Yikes-- that freezing rain on top of the snow should make for some really nasty roads and paths through the vineyards.

    I've got to run and go watch the rest of the presidential inauguration in D.C.!

  12. Good call on the driving in the snow (little as it was)! Can you imagine if they got snow like we used to get in Delaware, in which I had to drive to work?


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