Tuesday, January 08, 2013

From the archives

Our current weather pattern is not really motivating me to get out to take pictures. It's dark and gray. I walk Callie either in the morning before it gets fully light or in the evening as the light is fading. The overcast makes it even darker. So, until it lightens up a bit, I'll share this photo from last May when we spent an afternoon in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Pleasure boats anchored in Plymouth harbor, May 2012.

This is the harbor at Plymouth. The day was a Saturday and the weather was spectacular. Lots of people were out enjoying the warm sunshine, including us. We were on our way to Boston for our flight back to France after two weeks in the USA and Canada.


  1. For me "cold" begins way, way, way up above the freezing mark! LOL

  2. I need that photo this morning. it's 7a and still dark here. this helps me to visualize the brighter warmer days ahead.

  3. Walt,

    A redux of that trip is for when ?
    We are waiting :-)

  4. C'est vrai qu'avec un temps pareil, on apprécie d'avoir quelques photos en réserve :-).

  5. One man's cooler, is another man's freezing!

  6. Your summer photos are a great way to have "sunshine on a cloudy day". Now, if you could just work on getting the month of May, you'd be set.

  7. chm, I knew that about you! :)

    anne marie, the sun doesn't rise here until 8:40 am right now. Aaack!

    judy, and warm!

    t.b., I don't know... but if you click on "wedding trip" in the categories, you'll get to see all the photos that I posted...

    olivier, n'est-ce pas !

    starman, you and chm!

    dean, give me a few months... ;)


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