Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monday's moon

The moon was actually full on Sunday morning, but clouds prevented us from seeing it. But on Monday we had some breaks in the clouds as the just-past-full moon set in the west. I scrambled to get the camera set up (tripod, long lens, memory card) at the window for some photos.

The moon, 28 January 2013, 08h10.

This is the best of the bunch. I like how the sky came in deep blue. The sun was not quite up yet. The official sunrise was at 08h25, fifteen minutes after I took the picture.

Compare it to this shot I took one month ago.


  1. I prefer the previous moonset... but this is good too. I also snapped yesterday's moon... much to the annoyance of the cats who thought that I should have been feeding them first...

  2. throws back her head and howls (werewolf style)!

  3. We had a lovely view of the full moon....as usual.

  4. Our full moon was beautiful over here too, but with my point and shoot Olympus, I'd never capture a shot like that in a million years.
    Nice photos Walt...I think I saw the man in the moon.


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