Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moving right along

All seems back to normal, computer-wise. Better than normal, actually. I'm enjoying not having the slow-down problems I was having with the old machine. So, Ken and I had Christmas in January. He got his new tablet and I got a new desktop. Ho, ho, ho!

Callie checks to see if I'm following her down between a row of vines in the frosty vineyard.

This morning I'll be watching the women's tennis final from Melbourne, live on television. We've been getting the night sessions live in the mornings, then they switch to matches recorded during the night. Sunday morning I'll see the men's final, which promises to be a good one. The Federer/Murray semi-final was fun to watch yesterday.


  1. 3 inches of fresh snow yesterday and 10 degrees F at 2:30a here.

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  3. I hope my city of Melbourne is looking nice. Well, actually it is not. There is a lot of brown grass.

  4. Really happy that you are enjoying your new toy.
    Enjoy the tennis matches....they should be exciting.

  5. Glad you're having fun with the new, faster, machine :)

  6. Not much into sports anymore.

  7. We finally got snow here Walt. Hopefully it's gone by the time to venture out Monday.

  8. anne marie, you are definitely colder than we are!

    andrew, from what they show, it looks quite nice. Lots of night shots of the skyline when I'm watching.

    virginiac, thanks!

    judy, I am. It's so much nicer!

    starman, I'm not a big sports nut, but I've always loved tennis.

    ron, I saw the photo you posted (on FB?). Looks pretty!

    michael, yessirree! Enjoy Flagstaff!


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