Friday, January 18, 2013

Periodic Puppy Pics

Yesterday morning it was about -5ºC or colder out in the vineyard. I bundled up and took Callie for her walk just after sunrise. The air was absolutely still; no wind at all. Even though it was cold, it wasn't a biting cold.

The rising sun warms up the tops of the vineyard posts. As always, click on the photo to embiggen.

Callie doesn't mind the cold at all. She has a nice fur coat. We stayed out a little longer than usual and took a few detours for photos. Callie always likes getting off the beaten path.

Get ready for a series of photos from the winter vineyard.


  1. Callie has lovely "feathers."

  2. Same weather here this morning Walt on the Delaware coast. So far this winter we've had unusually warm weather but not this morning. Frost on the pumpkin.

  3. I will get some snow tonight and tomorrow ( after -15 C ( felt like -21C) and -22C ( feels like -26C ) this morning. They are calling for du verglas in île de France from what I saw on the news

  4. Callie must like the cold since she's staying away from the sunny area.

  5. How is Bertie doing in the cold weather, still living in the unheated garage, or inside more?

  6. virginac, you asked for it...

    sheila, she's going to get them all cut off soon. Her annual birthday grooming is coming up.

    ron, us too. But not any more!

    t.b., we had lots of verglas this morning.

    starman, that IS the sunny area! LOL

    emm, he's still living in the garage. But he's doing fine. He gets to come in the house in the mornings to warm up.


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