Friday, January 11, 2013

A closer look

This is another view of midtown Manhattan looking north from the observation deck of the World Trade Center when I visited there in 1994. You can clearly see several iconic landmarks, including the Empire State Building (on the left) and the Chrysler Building (on the right).

A zoomed-in view looking up 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

The most visible avenue in the image is Fifth Avenue which ends at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. It runs by the Empire State Building at 34th Street. The distance from where I took the photo to the arch in Washington Square Park (visible at the bottom of the photo) is roughly two miles (3 km); the Empire State Building is just over a mile further north.

Remember, this is an old color slide that I scanned for the blog.


  1. Now, imagine it is 9/11 and as you are taking your photos, you see a plane that seems a bit low coming toward you.......

  2. Wanted to give you a great BIG ole Texas Style "Thank You" for sharing the wonderful photos you have of New York City skyline. I lived on Long Island for over 40 years and never made it to the deck of the WTC. Always the Empire State!

    Brings back so many memories of good times shared there.

    I recently came across your Blog and I really do enjoy it. I look forward to going in each day. It is always a surprise. From photos of NYC, a wonderful pie made, sites of around your home.....keep up the great work!!!!

    All the best to You and Your Family for a wonderful, safe, happy and healthy New Year.

    Houston/Conroe, TX

  3. ellen, glad you liked it!

    susan, I hope it's not one person's job to wash them...

    virginiac, :)

    starman, oh, I'd rather not think about that...

    roy, welcome! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. J'adore tes photos ;-) !


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