Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to the pre-snow

The snow is melting away quickly as the next weather system rolls in with (slightly) warmer air and drops rain on us. And that's fine with me. Still, we must keep an eye on things as the temperatures rise above and, more importantly, dip below freezing. All that water on the cold ground can become ice in a jiffy.

Looking westward. Wine country ends not far beyond the horizon.

So I'm back to showing you photos of the frosty vineyards out behind our house, taken not long before the snow came. I've had grand plans to take the camera back down by the river one of these days, but the ground is so saturated that I wouldn't get close before sinking knee-deep in mud.


  1. Our meadow is best described as "spongy with occasional large puddles"... but I paddled from the bief to the river just before the snow.
    Now thye snow has melted... and quite fast... the bief is in full spate again and our meadow has larger puddles.
    The poor old soil is just absolutely saturated!!
    You could knock up a pair of mud shoes to get close to the river...

  2. Walt please don't concern yourself too much about taking those photos just yet, make sure it's safe first. We don't want you to go injuring yourself, we will wait on those lovely photos a while longer. I'm loving the winter shots by the way.

  3. I was pleased to be home on Inauguration day (MLK Junior day)-- I haven't been able to see an inauguration in years.

  4. Presidents, especially Mr. Obama, always sound impressive when they give a speech. By now, he knows that getting things done in Washington is not as easy as he once thought. More so when there are a preponderant of RepuGlicans in office to obstruct at every turn!

  5. knee deep mud doesn't sound at all good.


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