Monday, January 28, 2013

The vines in winter

Here's the last of this current series from the frosty vineyard. I took these pictures before we got our snow last week. The snow is now long gone and the temperatures have warmed up. We haven't had a frosty morning in a while. I should do a series called "muddy vineyard."

One of the last clear mornings in recent memory. The ground was frozen. No mud.

Seriously, all the bare ground is mud right now. Even the grassy bits are spongy. I avoid low spots on my walks with the dog. They're just too wet. We need a week or two of bright sun and no precipitation. Ha!


  1. Now that our snow has almost all melted, it is incredibly muddy round here.
    I keep thinking "roll on spring", but it's a bit early for such thoughts yet, we have a lot of winter to get through first.

    1. Too early for spring, but I noticed our hedge was sprouting leaves already when we left the house this morning!

  2. But at least we have sun today :-) And I might even squelch out to take some photos of our snowdrops. It's very soggy here too with little puddles on the grass.

  3. It's crazy here this week... already 58°F at 6 a.m., supposed to hit mid 60s, and tomorrow is supposed to hit 72°! But, it was in the 20s the past several days... ice everywhere! Nuts.

  4. Hopefully, it will dry up soon. You and Callie can stick to terra firma until it does.

  5. We haven't had any significant rain in quite a while.

  6. there seems to be a lot of mud in your parts of the world.

  7. jean, I know, the weather is teasing us!

    ellen, it's right about now that things start to look like spring, but then winter usually comes back and snaps us back to reality...

    n&a, yes, the sun yesterday was glorious. No such luck today, they say.

    judy, the weather seems so strange lately. Maybe it's always been strange and we just notice it more as we (gulp!) get older...

    virginiac, we can try, anyway!

    nadege, go Niners!

    starman, is that normal for winter in FL?

    michael, and it's mostly on my shoes.

  8. RYN: Yes, it doesn't rain much at all during the winter here. Spring and Summer are the rainy seasons.


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