Friday, January 04, 2013

The grower's hut

A gratuitous shot of the cabane du vigneron (the storage shelter out in the vineyard) on a recent sunny morning.

Grape vines grow against the sides of the abandoned shelter. I've never seen anyone open the padlocked door.

Our mornings are not sunny right now. We have a classic winter high pressure system over us that is keeping the clouds pressed to the ground. It's dark and gloomy and wet. Still, the temperatures are quite mild.


  1. It's unbelievably mild here at the moment: it was 12°C yesterday.
    Any day without snow is a bonus at this time of year but somehow this makes me feel nervous because it's wrong.

  2. ooh how wonderful to see blue sky......happy new year!!!

  3. 1/4/13, currently 0 C at 6a. the 4 inches of snow we had last weekend is gone. wonder what's inside the shelter?

  4. If that were in the US, someone would be living in there.


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