Saturday, January 19, 2013

More from the winter vineyard

As I type this (on Friday afternoon) we are waiting for snow. We are on the edge of the weather system, so we could get snow or we could not. I'll let you know. Saturday's forecast is more threatening with a bunch of snow predicted. Again, it might happen. But then again, it might not.

Frost in the vineyard. No snow yet.

The accumulation that the weather people forecast for Saturday night is a bit scary. At least for us. I will certainly be surprised if we get that much snow. Again, I'll let you know, as long as we have power. Ugh. Don't want to go through that.

But we're prepared. We've got wood for fire (and therefore heat) and plenty of food (and wine) to get us through if we can't get the car out. Mind you, for those that live in winter climes, the amount of snow that would keep us in is laughable. But around here it would be a lot.

UPDATE: This morning we are having freezing fog. All ground surfaces are slick... walking the dog was a bit tricky!


  1. Stay inside, throw another log on the fire, drink wine!

  2. Keep warm Walt...that's where the wine comes in I suppose.

  3. "A freezing fog", never heard that term before. No snow here......yet. Stay warm and cozy....inside. Don't try that "slip ad slide" thing.


  4. So envious. Today may end up in the 50s here in the Bluegrass. Blech. But be safe. :)

  5. LOL, Judy. Tomorrow morning we plan to make pain de campagne. I'll blog about it. If our electricity is still on...

  6. It rarely snows when the temp gets down to freezing or below.

  7. bettyann, good plan!

    virginiac, yup!

    ron, I'll try to stay upright...

    writer, does it ever snow there?

    judy, not yet! One day soon...

    starman, yeah, it usually happens when there are pressure systems clashing, and our lows are usually warm systems.


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