Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inside the pine woods

We didn't go far inside, not that there's very far to go. Just beyond the wood is another road. Beyond that, a ravine, then another ridge planted in vines. Callie and I stayed in the margin, threading our way along the paths between tree and open land.

Looking back out of the wood toward the vineyard.

The overcast thickened as the sun moved closer to the western horizon. I wished I had brought the tripod along. My pictures would be a bit fuzzy in the fading light. Callie kept on, sniffing and searching for deer, but she stayed close, not wanting to lose me.


  1. Walking amongst trees can be so peaceful...loved the photo of serenity.

  2. I love any sort of pine tree / evergreen. Something about them is just peaceful to me.

    1. Bill's favorite, scrub pine. Brings back memories of our twenty-five year stay in southeastern Pennsylvania.

  3. Come visit me in Alabama if you like pine trees, Judith;-)

  4. You would feel right at home here today. Except for the 20ºC temperature.

  5. Here in New Hampshire it's at least 50% evergreen, white pines and hemlock for the most part. My favorite nature pictures of yours are the seemingly infinite rows of grape vines in all seasons.


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