Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is the dirt road through the vineyards that leads to our house. It's where Callie and I walk on our morning outings. Normally we walk out to this point and turn back again. But once in a while we continue on through the vineyards beyond this intersection.

Callie knows which way is home. She's sniffing around waiting for me to finish taking photos.

At bedtime Saturday night we were still getting light rain. But overnight the temperature fell enough to change the rain to snow and we have some accumulation this morning. We'll have to wait until light to see how much and what the condition of the ground is underneath.

The snow is supposed to continue falling through mid-day. It's Ken's turn to walk Callie this morning so I'm sure he'll get some good photos before I get out there.


  1. it always looks so peaceful in your town.

  2. Hopefully the snow and cold won't last too long. It is exciting at first but it gets old very quickly.

  3. Callie is very patient with you guys when she takes you for your walk.


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