Sunday, January 27, 2013

More frosty vines

I know it's a bit samey, but here's yet another view of the winter vineyard. The bit of snow we got on Saturday morning disappeared rather quickly. This morning it's trying to rain. The forecast is for actual rain mid-day with some wind gusts.

The vines in the foreground have been pruned, the vines in back have not.

According to a schedule Ken found on the internet last fall, today is the last regular hunt day of the season in our area. I believe that means no more hunting for pheasant and hares and maybe other small game. The season continues through February for roe deer, boar, and fox. Those critters are usually hunted in organized hunts called battues.


  1. Love the old pruned vines... looks like an army of wizened old men marching out of the picture!

  2. Looks like something out of THE WALKING DEAD or perhaps JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS

  3. Don't like killing animals!

  4. tim, they're following me.

    john, lol

    starman, as long as I don't have to do it...


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