Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's a new day

I spent most of Wednesday working on setting up the new computer. It's mostly figuring out the new Win 8 start screen, setting things up, personalizing, and installing the programs that I use. Oh, and recopying my data from their backup devices onto the new hard disk.

Looking west (again) across the rows of vines. These aren't pruned yet.

It's going well and I'm pretty much done. Soon I'll unplug the old computer for good. I haven't turned it on yet this morning. I want to work from the new one until I find something that I forgot.


  1. Sounds like you are becoming good friends with your new pc. I know what it's like to customize all over again, but once that tedious job is done, it's smooth sailing all the way. Enjoy!

  2. You'll save a lot of time using the Ninite installer to put the most common programs on the machine. It will automatically handle language and 32/64 bit issues. Juts go to and check off all the freeware programs you use (browsers, iTunes etc) and it will create an installer that you download and run from your PC. If you ever need to check everything is up to date, then you can run it again and it will look for the most recent version of everything.

    For Windows 8, you may find the "Classic Start Menu" a useful download.

  3. oooh, I'll bet it's nice and fast :)

  4. New computers always take a bit of getting used to.

  5. Walt,

    Oh I feel sorry for you that you didn't get an iMac. You must be a glutton for punishment (or perhaps a masochist?
    I gave up on Windows and all that torture of compatibility, upgrades, crashes, viruses and paying my Computer Guy to fix my computer when I couldn't figure out the latest problem a Windows based computer caused me.
    I want my computer experience to be a pleasant and fun, not one of trepidation, wondering "what did I do this time?" to cause my computer to freeze up forcing me to call a so-called "help" line and get someone in India reading from a script and double-talking me. Good luck!


  6. It is ungodly cold here in Boston. The landscape in your photo is quite grey (just like here). I hope it is a bit warmer for you. I'm not at all happy with the weather here at the moment.

  7. I gave up on getting new computer operating systems over 10 years ago. Ergo, I still used XP (and my next machine will be xp too) and when I have reason to run the mac (which is less and less) I used OS9.2.

    Any more modern than that is just unnecessary eye candy.


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