Saturday, November 30, 2013

A frosty morning

Thanksgiving morning was quite frosty. The temperature was just at freezing and there was no wind, so it didn't feel particularly cold. Of course, I was bundled up for the walk. Frost covered much of the ground and the leaves of the low shrubs. Very nice.

The frosted leaves of blackberry vines.

We had a very pleasant and hassle-free shopping trip on Friday morning. Our first stop was Ikea in Tours, about an hour from home. The store was not yet crowded when we got there. The sales people to whom we asked questions were very friendly and helpful, except for one small detail: they didn't know what they were talking about. Both of them were wrong either about where to find an item or whether they had it in stock. But they were wrong with a smile. Oh well. We got what we went for, and then some. In and out relatively quickly and no waiting at the self-checkout.

Next we drove up to the North Tours shopping district to the Asian grocery we know there and stocked up on some staples for cooking Asian food. Again, a relatively easy trip, no hassles, and we were home in time for lunch. After lunch, I built a fire and spent the afternoon assembling Ikea stuff.


  1. The leaves look sugar-coated. Very festive.

  2. Not... Billy bookcases?
    And I love Raybeard's idea of sugar-coated blackberry leaves!!

  3. Love that frost on the leaves. (Believe it or not, our lemon tree is still outside and the lemons appear to be happy.) Great narrative on your day after TG. Quite a contrast to the black Friday in the States.

  4. I second raybeard; I have 3 billy bookcases; and the US sucks on TG friday. there, I said it - THE US SUCKS! I purchased NOTHING on thursday AND friday.

    1. If I had the resources to pay for deliveries, A.M., I'd be buying everything on-line. Hate shopping at any time but these last couple of days have not only been total chaos and 'me-first' in your country, as we've seen on the news, it's getting emulated here in England - and at a time when we don't even have a 'Thanksgiving Day'! The world's going mad, I tell you - sorry, I mean even madDER!

  5. The leaves are beautiful with that covering. You show us things in a new way.

    Everything here has been iced over for a few days. We drove over 5 ridges on Thanksgiving, and each time we came to the top of a ridge there was a glistening, dazzling forest. The valleys were ice-free.

  6. Once again, an award-winning photo. I hope to see whatever you bought at IKEA :) We are supposed to finally get one in St. Louis! (However, my sister said that IKEA had plans for one in Somerville, MA, and they eventually just sold the plot of land where they had intended to build.)

  7. I agree with Seine Judeet and Carolyn, another award-worthy photo of something so simple and overlooked, but wonderful when you show it to us in a new way. Magnificent!

  8. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows to avoid shopping during the entire weekend after Thanksgiving.


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