Thursday, November 07, 2013


The vineyards out behind our house are in their golden phase. When I look out from the western windows I see a blanket of gold. This won't last long; the leaves will quickly turn brown and fall to the ground.

A rectangular patch of meadow among the rows of golden grape vines.

Our power has now been switched over to the new underground lines. It didn't happen without a glitch, though. During the changeover, it seems, our neighborhood's new ground-level transformer blew. I talked to one of the guys about it and he said that they had un petit problème de tension. In other words, I think, they had installed the wrong transformer. Our power went out for about three hours on Wednesday morning while they replaced the transformer and re-established the link. After the power was restored, they took away both the inadequate transformer and the old transformer from up on its pole. They also removed the wires that linked our neighborhood to the old aerial power lines.

I can already tell that the view from our western windows will be much improved once the rest of the lines and the poles come down.


  1. That's a lovely view.
    Things would look more golden here, if it wasn't for the grey skies and drizzle!

  2. wish they would bury the power lines in MY hood. :(

  3. jean, we're getting the gray and rain here, today.

    anne marie, unfortunately, the distribution lines will still be up. They're the ones that deliver power to individual houses. It's just the major line into the neighborhood that was put underground.

  4. With or without power, I'm glad you went for the gold. Magnificent pano !

  5. I don't see any power-lines in this photo.

    1. starman, there aren't. The lines are closer to our house than this part of the vineyard. :)


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