Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vineyards and woods

Another view of the countryside out behind our hamlet. We're on the "heights" above the river valley where streams begin their downward flow toward the Cher. These well-drained slopes are where the wine grapes are planted. A little farther to the south the vines give way to fields of wheat, colza, sunflowers, and other crops.

A foggy autumn morning in the Cher Valley vineyards.

There is some livestock around, but not much. Very close to this spot is a farm that raises goats for cheese. A little farther on we know of a small farm with cows. Here and there we see a field of grazing sheep. All are a bit too far to get to on foot, especially with the dog tagging along (fast cars on little roads make me nervous about taking her farther), so we settle for a glimpse or two of the donkeys that one of our neighbors keeps.


  1. When we had a garden in Vermont,
    I was always looking for manure for
    the compost....goat farms are a
    great source.


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