Friday, November 01, 2013

When a friend gives you figs

You make a fig tart! Or, at least, I do. We were fortunate to get a bag-full of green figs from a local friend who had a small surplus. The fruit was quite ripe and needed to be used right away. So I threw together a pâte brisée (short crust) and made a tarte aux figues (fig tart).

The finished fig tart, ready to be tasted.

It's a very simple pie. The crust is made with butter, but is not sweet. Under the figs is a layer of ground almonds and some sugar. I sprinkled a little sugar on the quartered fruit, then glazed it when the tarte was nearly done baking using some of Ken's home-made apple jelly. Delicious!


  1. could have made a figgy pudding (sings - now bring us a figgy pudding and bring it right here) or fig newtons.

    looks dee-lish, walt; and home-made apple jelly too! wish you could be my personal chef!

  2. When I look at this unbelievably delicious photo of what is obviously an unbelievably delicious fig tart, I can't help but think San Geraldo's diet is no fun for ME. He hasn't baked in two months!

  3. Looks so beautiful! Now that evenings and nights are cold, I will be able to turn on the oven pretty soon and bake my heart out.
    (Bonne Toussaint!)

  4. Ah...a personal chef! What a great idea, anne marie! Having both Walt and Ken would make my weekly dinner or lunch regime soooo much more enjoyable!!! AND, with all that home-grown, organiccally-grown staples!

  5. Looks interesting and pretty.

  6. Figs make me think of "I, Claudius" where Livia tells her son Tiberius 'by the way, don't eat the figs".


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