Thursday, November 14, 2013

More grapes

These grapes don't get harvested because they grow on vines that have been abandoned. I assume they will get eaten by wildlife or will eventually rot into the soil. I taste them from time to time in the fall and they're not bad. The tended grapes taste better because those vines have been pruned to produce better fruit.

"Wild" grapes on the vine. They're not really wild, just abandoned.

This morning we're down to about three degrees which is just above freezing. Heating season is definitely under way. I would still like to cut the grass one more time, but it's been so wet that I haven't been able to. The leaves are still falling, so there's raking to do. And I still have some logs to cut.


  1. Wow. Odd thing happened. I was reading Ken's blog, and a little pop-up ad for Cadillac rose up out of the bottom corner. I clicked on the X and made it go away. Then, when I clicked on the link on his blog, for going to your blog, it took me to a full-page Cadillac ad. Once I closed it, I was able to go back and click on the link for your blog again, and it took me here. Never had that happen before. I wonder if it's related to Ken's virus attack.

  2. Those grapes look mighty tempting...I would probably have to keep trying them because they look so good!

  3. Well thank goodness they're still around... just so you could take their portraits. A really nice shot here.

  4. I like grapes, I probably would have eaten them by now!

  5. judy, I think Ken's virus was only local to his laptop computer. It didn't affect any of the other computers in our house. It's been eradicated now. Hope your problem has gone away...

    mary, they do have seeds, so you have to spit them out!

    stuart, nice of them, eh? :)

    starman, there are plenty!

    1. Carlos, one of my friends from pétanque, would probably tell you, "eat the seeds, it's just fiber..." (I can predict that because once I took apples for everyone and I offered him a plastic bag to put the core and seeds in when he got to them. He said, "I won't need it as I eat everything!" - he said he was taught that as a kid - not to leave any part of the apple as it is all edible. I'm not there - yet!

  6. Walt, yeah, I was just thinking that it might have installed some kind of pop-up ad thing on his page. It was odd, also, because I have an ad-blocker on my computer that works really well, so it surprised me.


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