Sunday, November 17, 2013

November fog

Since we've lived here, we've noticed that the typical weather in November is cold (not quite freezing) with thick fog. High pressure builds in and we get clear skies at night. That chills things down a lot. But as the sun rises, fog forms, and the high pressure keeps it from rising and dissipating. So we get low fog, gray skies, and cold temperatures during the day.

The fog is just starting to burn off, but it makes for a nice view across the vineyards.

We're getting a taste of that now. Even so, on Saturday the fog actually burned off a bit at mid-morning giving us a nice sunny mid-day until the low clouds came back in the afternoon. I was happy to have taken the camera out to capture some of the foggy views.


  1. A wide ranging fog Walt. We have fog here in LSD this morning also. Beautiful!

  2. Ahhhh, such difference in the photos when there is fog, instead of bright sun!

  3. Beautiful panorama. Living so close to the Loire, we get lots of fog. It's a good thing that I like it. Got lots of fog snaps for my blog!

  4. Love the layers in this pic, Walt.... very nice.

  5. I've always liked fog. It creates such a mysterious atmosphere.


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