Wednesday, November 13, 2013


That's the English name. In French, it's called fusain d'Europe. In fall, the berries turn a bright red/pink color and are hard to miss. Then, in early winter, they open up to release their seeds and show a brilliant orange interior. Very pretty.

Fusain on the edges of the woods.

The chainsaw is home. It ran beautifully at the mechanic's on Tuesday morning. He gave me some pointers on the fuel mixture, one being that I shouldn't use old water bottles to store the fuel because gasoline causes the plastic to degrade which then gums up the carburetor. He also changed the fuel filter.


  1. Beautiful color! It makes sense not to store gasoline in plastic bottles. I am sure there are plenty of glass wine bottles in your cellar.

  2. Love those closeups!
    Good pointers from Monsieur le chain-saw-fixer man :)

  3. I didn't know gas had that effect on plastic. I'll try to remember that. Thanks for the info!

  4. Question to everybody: My Stihl manager has instructed me to keep some gas/oil mix in my string trimmer over the winter in order to prevent it from getting clogged up. This is contrary to what is written in the manual. What do you do? Last year I followed the manual's instruction and then I had to pay $95 to have the carburetor cleaned and a new filter installed.


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