Sunday, November 10, 2013

A rose is a rose

I don't really like this photo. I messed with it a lot, but I'm still not satisfied. Still, here it is. One of the last of the fall roses in a neighbor's garden. I'm sure there will be other roses; we see them as late as December. It depends on the weather.

The background's a bit washed out, and the flower was a bit too saturated. This is the best I could do.

Saturday morning was nice, but we got a rainstorm in the afternoon. I built a fire in the wood stove to keep the chill off, even though it's not all that cold. When the wind blows, however, it feels colder.

The chainsaw is fixed. The mechanic thinks my gas/oil mixture has too much oil in it. I'm taking a sample of my fuel in for him to look at. It's possible... I may have screwed up the mixture. I'll keep you posted.


  1. It's great that the roses here hang on for so long. Several of ours are still going great guns. Anyway, your photo is very nice in spite of what you think. Bright backgrounds are always difficult to deal with.

  2. wish I could "scratch and sniff" the rose!

  3. Your fall is going about like ours, no frost yet, the last rose, etc. DH says his engine guy told him to go easy on the oil and the people who used "Echo" oil had fewer problems. Glad your chainsaw is fixed, you're going to need that wood chopped before too long.

  4. Hope that chainsaw issue all works out. It seems to be a major tool around your house :)

  5. I used to have that problem with a two-cylinder car I used to own. I had to be very careful how I added the oil.


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