Monday, November 25, 2013

A little fall color

Except for some splashes of brilliant red here and there, the fall color in our region is mostly golden-yellow. This is a common sight around us right now. This photo is a few days old and many more leaves have fallen to the ground since I took it, many more trees are close to bare.

There's still a lot of green out there. The grass will stay green all winter and so will the conifers.

I'm hopeful that the rain will stay away for a few more days. I'd still like to get the grass cut one more time. Not only will the mower mulch the leaves that have already fallen, but the shorter grass will make getting the rest of the leaves up much easier. I also have about thirty logs left to saw. That should take one more session with the chainsaw, then I'll be done for the season.


  1. Great pic as usual...
    The perspective of the rows and the dip in the front tree line just pull the eye to the centre...


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