Friday, November 22, 2013

Can you stand it? More grapes

They're still hanging on out there. Most have withered into raisins and beyond, but some of the grapes that didn't get harvested are still looking pretty good. Freezing weather will do them in, I'm sure.

I wonder if these are pinot noir? It's not a grape that grows in quantity around here, but there is some.

They're telling us that the weekend is going to be yucky. On-and-off rain, possibly mixed with snow, and low temperatures around freezing. I suppose we should get used to it, eh? At least for the next four months.


  1. Beautiful cheery colours.
    Just the job to help us forget that the next four months could be cold, wet and very grey.

  2. That would make a very, very nice card...
    a very, very nice card indeed...
    there is a natural division just to the left of the bunch of grapes....
    near where the wire's been spliced...
    fold along there and you've a card with picture front and back!
    With a perfect bit bottom left for your commercial details and the title...
    "Pinot Noir"....
    sounds nice even if it isn't correct...
    but Susan might be able to identify it!!

  3. Pardon me, I have to go put my socks back on. What a stunning shot! It is indeed surprising to see grapes still around. These guys are tough !

  4. Perhaps the freezing weather will preserve them.

  5. we are having a weekend of nonstop rain; I am very much enjoying it although most AZ folks are being quite truculent in the inclement weather.

  6. jean, could be? Probably will be, is more like it. Of course, I would love to be pleasantly surprised!

    tim, good idea!

    stuart, lol. Argyle? Wool?

    christine, thank you!

    starman, hmmmm... I'm thinking ice wine. ;)

    michael, even the desert needs rain to manufacture all those beautiful spring blooms and cacti.


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