Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A little shopping

I went to the supermarket on Monday to get some of our Thanksgiving food and a bunch of other stuff that we needed. Namely: pet food. It's a rare occurrence, but it happens. I needed dog kibble, cat kibble, and dog treats all at the same time. My cart was full after I went through the pet aisle. Twenty kilos of dog kibble (big bag, 40 lbs.), and two other smaller bags.

A broom seed pod. I didn't get the focus quite right. Depth-of-field at f2.8 in low light and a breeze is very tricky. I like how the stems came out.

Then I got a six-pack of bubbly water, a few bottles of fruit juice, a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau ('tis the season), and a bottle of Port (I'm running out). Then there was produce, cheese, eggs, tortillas, and some fire starters. My cart runneth over. Ken will head out on Wednesday and pick up the lamb roast we ordered for the main event. Thankfully, the store was not filled with crazed shoppers. Just me.


  1. Not Touraine Primeur? That disappears in a trice and I think we may be out of luck this year.

  2. the state of PA says we cannot buy booze where we buy groceries and must drink only what the state wants us to drink (booze comes from state-owned stores). quite a racket. and it blows goats.

    I shop twice a month and can fill a cart at aldi like nobody's business.

    I think we need to see some bertie pix!

  3. Ha! Must be nice to have a quiet grocery store in the days preceding Thanksgiving :)

  4. I finally saw the 2013 Georges DeBoeuf Beaujolais in a store yesterday - but without the sign "Le Beaujolais est arrivé. My daughter is bringing the wine to the Thanksgiving this year, so I didn't buy any. Nice to replenish the pet food pantry. Callie and Bertie will be thankful!

    Today we should get up to the mid 50's so I will be finishing up some outside chores, including washing my car. I see at 6pm it is 43 degrees F. there so you, too, must have had a warmer day as well for unloading all of those groceries.

    Your walks always reveal nature in various aspects. Merci, Walt!

  5. People here are busy gathering Thanksgiving vittles. We now can buy alcohol on Sundays here in Anniston, Alabama- even in restaurants (who would have thunk it!) Glad you are celebrating chez VOUS.

    I wish we could make Thanksgiving a worldwide event - we could somehow see to it that everyone got a good meal once a year, sharing like the Indians did with the pilgrims.

  6. We keep talking about creating a Thanksgiving tradition for ourselves in Spain but always end up being too lazy to contemplate. Yours sounds wonderful. (I love that my very own dieting San Geraldo has in essence lost an entire bag of dog kibble!)

  7. Walt,
    Your font is so small. Could you make them a little bigger?


  8. It might have been tricky, but it came out great!

  9. Sounds like the pets are going to have a nice Thanksgiving, Good shot of the pod !

  10. pauline, I haven't seen any Touraine Primeur in the stores this year. Strange.

    anne marie, I lived in Northern PA while in high school. I remember the state stores. We were close to the border, so to get beer, we would send one of the older-looking friends. Even in NY, only beer is sold in the supermarkets. Wine and liquor are sold in separate stores.

    judy, well, quiet is a relative term! Just not Thanksgiving mobbed.

    mary, our highs have been in the low 40s. Not too bad, but chilly.

    evelyn, it'll get busy around here soon enough with Christmas and New Year's coming up.

    mitch, that's amazing. I can hardly lift the 20kg bag. Good for him!

    ron, I'm sorry about that. I'll try a few things and see what I think. I generally don't like the way it looks with a bigger font, but we'll see.

    starman, thanks!


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