Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Past the peak

I noticed during my walk through the vineyards on Monday afternoon that the vine leaves are passing through their brilliant gold phase. Recent wind and rain have beaten them and many have fallen to the ground. But there is still a good deal of color out there. Here's a picture from out the window on Monday. It won't be long until it's all brown.

A telephoto shot from the house looking west over the vineyards.

I'm planning on going into the shop to get the chainsaw this morning. The mechanic cleaned out the carburetor and says it working fine. He suspects my oil/gas mixture is too rich in oil, so I'm taking some in for him to look at. I verified that I'm using the proper oil (special for two stroke engines) so that's not the problem. I may have mixed too much in.


  1. Replies
    1. Echo that...
      Fields of Gold!!

      Seeing this makes me wonder...
      was the "Field of a Cloth of Gold" really held in the middle of vineyards at this time of the year...
      rather than in midsummer as stated in all the books?

  2. You and Ken posted 2 beautiful photos.

  3. What a fantastic view ! Those stripes are incredible.

  4. I see some fruit still on the tree to the right.

  5. Lovely view, so different from the aspect from my apartment!


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