Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Wild rose hips

The edges of the vineyards are home to many a wild rose. This time of year, their blooms gone, the rose's hips provide some brilliant color as a counterpoint to the yellows, golds, and browns of the vines.

There are still a few green leaves on this wild rose.

So far, our November weather is not at all November-like. It's mild, but we're having a series of windy rain squalls. Normally, November days are cold and still with heavy fog on the ground, like a graveyard on Halloween. I like the sun we're getting, and the blustery rain is a bit exciting. But it feels more like March than November. So far.


  1. We're having a nice change of seasons, though some unseasonably mild temps for a few days now.

  2. The only brilliant color I see is red...are those the 'hips'?

  3. judy, the weather is just so unpredictable! lol

    starman, yes, the red pods, called "hips," are the fruit of the rose bush.


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