Monday, October 14, 2019

A summery fall weekend

We're getting one more day out of this warm spell. The forecasters have moved the cool-down and rain out about twelve hours, so most of today should be nice with temperatures approaching 25ºC again, about 77ºF. As I mentioned, I took advantage of the weather to get some outdoor work done.

Saturday evening looking over the freshly mowed west 40 as the sun began to set.

Of course, my food plans didn't quite go with the weather, but that's ok. I could have been grilling, but I have a lot of leftovers in the fridge.

On Sunday evening's walk, Tasha and I got caught in a rather heavy, but brief, unexpected shower. The rain came down as if Noah himself were building an ark out back. I eventually took shelter under the roof of the vineyard cabin. Tasha wouldn't, but was beside herself rather annoyed at getting pelted with fat raindrops. As suddenly as it started, the rain stopped. We were treated to a nearly perfect rainbow on the way back to the house, both of us soaked to the bone.


  1. I can almost smell this picture. Beautiful.

  2. Holy cow! But, Tasha enjoyed that, eh?

  3. Would love to have seen Tasha enjoying that rain. I'd enjoy it too. We were told there would be rain today. There was not.

  4. Outside chores for today and tomorrow but then the rains come straight through until next Wedmesday. Your west 40 looks nice - all cleaned up for fall/winter.

  5. linda, it did have that "just mowed" smell! Thanks!

    judy, not really, but she enjoyed getting dried off.

    mitch, I think I gave the wrong impression. She was kind of annoyed at it all.

    mary, I'm pretty sure it's going to have to be cut again before it's over. Ugh!


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