Wednesday, October 02, 2019

More leaves

Until I get some more photos taken, you're stuck with autumn leaves. Autumn grape leaves. We had a mixed day on Tuesday with rain showers in the middle and breezy conditions on either end. Then, right when I took Tasha out for her afternoon walk, we had another fairly strong shower. So, we got wet. The walk didn't last very long,

These look like they might be gamay leaves. Gamay is the red varietal most grown in our area.

This morning looks dry, but it's still breezy out there. The growers are still working on getting all the grapes in. There's a parcel of red grapes close by us that hasn't been harvested yet. Of course, there are small parcels here and there that the growers leave for "late harvest" sweet wines, but I think those are mostly white sauvignon.


  1. Always pleased to see beautiful Autumn colours.

  2. Those leaves are just beautiful. Autumn is my favourite season for its colours.

  3. There are worse fates than being "stuck" with any of your fine photos. What beautiful, glowing colors.

  4. andrew, a hint of things to come...

    jean, it's a nice relief from the heat we had, which now seems like a vague memory.

    mitch, I hope we'll get more.

    judy, thank Dame Nature!

    chris, :)


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