Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha really likes to go off-road, as it were, and through the woods on her walks. This particular route leads us by a big woodpile and the collection of the Artsy Organized Neighbor and then through the woods on what is probably a deer path. Callie used to like the same path, and now it's Tasha's.

Just beyond Tasha, where you can see grass, is the western entrance to the path through the woods.

Where the path exits the woods next to a vineyard parcel, thorny brambles grow and block the way. Even Tasha struggles to get through unscathed. Once a year, Ken or I take a pair of pruning shears on the walk to clear it out, making the path accessible again. I did that last week so we no longer have to fight with thorns. Until next year.


  1. There’s something magical about Tasha liking the same path as Callie.

  2. I was thinking that, too, Mitchell :)

  3. Lucky dogs to have such wonderful owners! Any snakes around that woodpile? I had to move some piled up boards behind my house last weekend and thank goodness I was prepared. I had taken a long-handled rake to pull the boards off and move them away from the house. That last board revealed a coiled up black snake! The coils (3 - I believe) were at least a foot in diameter. I kept my eyes on the snake - but it immediately disappeared into the soil and fallen pine needles that had built up from my cleaning off the roof over the years). We don't have poisonous snakes around my neighborhood but I looked online and I couldn't find any black snakes that met the description - but it must have been harmless.

  4. We had to prune the walk in our woods also. It's so much nicer afterwards!

  5. mitch, strange magic...

    judy, :)

    mary, there can be snakes, but we haven't seen any for quite a while.

    evelyn, it makes a difference, doesn't it!


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