Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Fall color

The leaves in the vineyards around us are starting to change. The reds can be especially vibrant, but the majority of the color will be golden, as much of the vineyards are planted in sauvignon blanc. Over the next weeks the green will pale out to yellow, then gold. If the weather cooperates, I'll try to post photos of the change.

This leaf looks like it could be "côt," a local name for "malbec," one of the three red wine varietals that are grown out back.

After the peak, the leaves will go brown and drop off, or they'll be blown off by autumn winds and rain. Speaking of which, the recent rains have had an effect: I've noticed the grass in our yard is greener and is growing again. I will likely have to mow at least once more before winter.


  1. We’ve got fall colors, too. The hibiscus are glorious.

  2. No fall here in Southern California. I'll enjoy it vicariously through you.

  3. The only "fall color" here is COLD, COLD and more COLD weather! Everywhere I go, others are asking me if I have turned on my heat! Which I did on Sunday. (It's usually me starting the conversation!)

    The colors on those leaves would be a modern color formula for Christmas! On my screen I see a bright fuschia and a very "froggy" green! Well done, Walt!

    Mary in Oregon


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