Monday, October 28, 2019

Men at work

Who can it be, now? Just a little down under humor. Or should that be humour? The construction continues down on the main road, which means the trailers and other equipment are still hanging out next to the pond. The ruts in the ground are getting deeper.

I haven't talked to anybody about filling in the ruts, yet.

We still don't know what they're doing. Other than they seem to be digging a trench and laying some sort of cable. I'm not sure what kind of cable it is. Electricity? Telecommunications? Both? Over the past few years, the town has been undergrounding utility lines, especially in the bourg (town center), as they call it. The lines that bring power to our hamlet were put underground back in 2013 after a big storm knocked our power out for a week or more. Before that, the lines were hung through vineyards and woods and access for repairs was becoming too difficult. We still have aerial lines from the transformer to our houses. I don't think anything is changing with those.


  1. Down Under? You talkin' about us? Fibre optic cable to your home? Of course it is humour. Humor is not nearly as funny.

  2. I see that the warning sign (known to one of my friends as "Man shaking umbrella") seems to be the same over there.

  3. Up to no good that's certain. I advise close observation with rope ready.

  4. Burying power lines after they're brought down in a storm? I'll bet lots of folks in California this week are wishing that PG&E had done that. It makes so much sense, even if it's a short-term higher expense. Whatever your diggers there are doing, it looks impressive with all that equipment.

  5. andrew, people keep talking about getting "fibre" to the house. Some places have it, but we don't yet. G'day!

    autolycus, haha! Must be a European standard. You can change that now. ;)

    michael, we'll be careful.

    emm, we've had many fewer outages since the lines were buried. And it's nice that the wires and poles are gone.

  6. I like to be cartoon roadworks guy with his Charlie Brown head.

  7. (sings) do you come from the land down under?

  8. mitch, I noticed that, too!

    anne marie, hehehe!


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