Friday, October 18, 2019


Crews are doing some kind of work down on the river road (the road that runs parallel to the river down the hill from us). Apparently they don't have a place down there where they can park their construction trailers and other equipment. The mayor told them they could use the land next to the pond outside our back gate.

The strip adjacent to the pond has become a temporary construction staging area. The pond (left) is full of a weed called "jussie."

So far there are two trailers (the white one looks like a field office for the construction), a front loader, a load of road barriers, construction signs, and a big pile of gravel. Each day, dump trucks and other equipment come up our road and park for a while before turning around and heading back down to the job site. The big trucks are making huge ruts in the soft ground outside our hedge. I hope the crew fills them in when they're done.

Heavily laden dump trucks are making ruts outside our back hedge.

It's inevitable that we get ruts on what is essentially an access path to the vineyards on our north and west sides. It happens every year, but those ruts made by the grape grower's smaller vehicles. Either I fill the ruts with the dirt from mole hills, or they get more or less flattened out by other vehicles. The land is not ours, but I like to keep the grass cut around the outside of the hedge. It looks neater that way, and I don't have to walk through tall grass when I go out the back gate with Tasha. I can't mow over big ruts, though.


  1. Have words with your mayor.... she lives in your hameau I think...
    and request that they be refilled after the work is completed...
    and keep a record, like this.

  2. Oh crap. I hope it’s not too disruptive for you. And I hope it doesn’t herald the arrival of a subdivision!

  3. Oh, heavens, Mitchell! That would be horrible!

  4. tim, I'll mention it the next time I see her.

    mitch, not really. And, so far, the land around us is agricultural and not developable.

    judy, agreed! At least, while we live here... I've become a NIMBY.


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