Sunday, October 27, 2019

Fall fog

November and December are foggy months here. When the weather is calm and we get temperature inversions, the fog can be dense and can last through the day. On Saturday we didn't have an inversion, but there was a thick layer of fog in the river valley as the sun came up. It burned off pretty quickly and we had some nice sunshine for most of the day. It reminded me that the gray foggy days are not long off.

 Fog over the Cher River. The grape leaves continue to turn in the vineyards.

I noticed that one of our Parisian neighbors arrived yesterday. Her vacation house here in our neighborhood was open and lights were on. The other Parisian neighbor isn't here. Yet. I'll bet we'll see her before the week is over. Friday is the holiday, so it makes a nice three-day weekend.


  1. Whoa, I missed yesterday's post about the tree!

  2. This sounds cozy marvelous: fall fog and chilly out; food and good cheer within.

  3. Fog and calm weather sound lovely. Greetings from the land of fire and wind.

  4. judy, big doin's in the west 40!

    michael, today is overcast with drizzle. Still, I'm going to grill burgers!

    chris, it looks pretty bad, I'm sure the tv coverage makes it look worse.


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