Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The woodpile

This wood pile is not ours (too bad!). It belongs to the Artsy Organized Neighbor and sits out on an isolated property between vineyard parcels and a ravine in the adjacent woods. We walk by it most days, although usually on the vineyard side.

Standard one-meter lengths of oak and other hardwoods are neatly stacked on the AON's property.

The trailer and other odd pieces of old and rusting machinery are parked next to the woodpile. I don't think I've ever seen them moved, but the woodpile shrinks and grows from year to year.


  1. The woodpile is a work of art. The mess next to it would drive me crazy.

  2. Oh but I miss real fires with real wood!

  3. Nice stacking job of the woodpile. You and he could win prizes for your stacking jobs. Not one of my attributes!

  4. He he, I'm always pleasantly surprised by your professional view of photography: once again a 50/50 divided surface creates a soothing image. Well done, Walt!

  5. mitch, it's the standard stacking method all over France!

    judy, I wish it were mine... but the logs are too long for my wood burner. I'd have to cut them into thirds. :(

    michael, it's almost fire season here, sometime around November 1.

    mary, his is better than mine!

    jan, thanks, jan!


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