Saturday, October 26, 2019

The other shoe dropped

We noticed on Thursday afternoon that the other half of the apple tree came down. It must have happened while I was out picking Ken up at the train station. I guess when the first half went, it took whatever support was keeping the second half standing. It finally gave way. Again, there has been no wind to speak of. Just a rotten trunk. And gravity.

The left half came down first, last Monday morning. The right half fell on Thursday.

Now we have a real mess to deal with. Of course, I'm hoping that our garden contractor will make short work of it. I'll probably work on cutting up the logs into burnable sizes and stacking it all somewhere. But there's no real hurry for that, as long as the crew can clear the garden path and get most of the smaller branches cut, mulched, and taken away.

The view from the other side.

The other big job waiting to get done is winterizing the vegetable garden. I've got a burn pile started, but now it's time to pull up plants and get the stakes put away. Once the burning is done, I'll cover the garden plot with tarps again like we did last year. It really made a difference, keeping the weeds down through the winter and early spring.


  1. Your garden is lovely. Shame to lose a tree.

  2. Poor tree, but glad it decided to come down when there was no one around to get in its way. Will you have the stump ground out, or just cut down to very low?

  3. I'll ask you the same question I asked Ken, are you going to replace it with another fruit tree of a different kind?

  4. linda, thanks! At least we'll get a little more light. I won't have to deal with picking up all the fallen apples before I cut the grass.

    emm, I think we're just going to have it cut low. I don't want the expense and mess of digging it out. Our ground is hard clay.

  5. chm, probably, but we haven't decided what yet.

  6. Use the stump as a base for a handy seat of some kind?

  7. Poor tree.
    'The blossom falls on the mountain; the mountain falls on the blossom. All things fall."

  8. Such a batidlo trunk. So sad it couldn’t survive. And so glad no one was under it... for the second time.


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