Thursday, October 03, 2019

The green is back

Although our drought is far from over, the recent rains have provided enough surface moisture to get the grass growing again. Our yard is losing its summer brown and is turning green again. Where I grew up, winter meant brown grass. But in California, the grass was green in winter, when it rained, and brown in summer (except where watered by sprinklers). Here in central France, where the summers are increasingly dry, we're reminded of California.

Early October in the West 40. Not only is the grass getting greener, but it's growing. I'll have to mow in a week or so.

It doesn't get cold enough long enough for our grass to go brown in winter. But it does rain, and that keeps things green. The trees may be brown and bare, but the grass is a refreshing green through the winter.


  1. I often think about deciduous trees in drought conditions and how they must be so relieved to drop their leaves in autumn and rest over winter, ready to appear fresh and green come spring.

  2. Hope the chard and the collards are showing signs of life.

  3. Your little corner of the world is beautiful!

  4. andrew, relieved in fall, re-leaved in spring! LOL

    judy, thanks! We do, too.

    sheila, they are, now that it's cooled off and they're getting rained on.

    evelyn, yes! There are lots of beautiful corners in the world.


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