Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Red, gold, and green

No Karma chameleons here. Just grape leaves. Most of them are yellow and turning golden, but there is enough red out there to make it very pretty. Fall is doing its thing. The weather feels normal for the season.

The grape leaves are turning, but they haven't started to fall yet.

And so do the strikes. The SNCF (French National Railway) is experiencing strikes on the high-speed line that serves our region. The line runs from Paris to Bordeaux in the southwest and out to Brest in the northwest. The news said that the strikes were supposed to start last Thursday, the day Ken was coming home from his trip. I couldn't find his train listed in the real-time online train tracker and assumed it had been cancelled. But I got an email from Ken saying he was on his train, it was on time, and he had wifi. He hadn't heard anything about strikes. So, I guess that the strikes were announced, but didn't get under way until Thursday evening and Friday. They've continued through the week.


  1. Great color--wow.
    So glad the strikes didn't interfere with Ken's return trip.

  2. I used to listen to Culture Club, too!

  3. Agree with Judith... the colour is wonderful.... Autumn!
    The hazy sun just helps it glow!

  4. Good temporary news about the strikes, for Ken’s sake. Beautiful colors. None of that around here, although our cacti and succulents are about to bloom .

  5. judy, it would have been a nightmare. His cell phone decided not to work that day.

    mary, lol!

    tim, it's hard to deal with the contrasts of bright sun, at least for me.

    mitch, the colors around you are mostly plaids, eh? ;)


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