Thursday, October 24, 2019

Second breakfast

The first thing that gets done in the morning, after letting Tasha outside, is feeding the animules their breakfast. Tasha gets a bowl of dry kibble and Bert gets a pouch of wet cat food (worry not, Tasha gets her pouch of wet dog food for lunch and Bert has a bottomless bowl of cat kibble downstairs). But we've noticed that Bert only eats about half his pouch before he walks away and, if we're not careful, Tasha will finish it.

Bert eats "second breakfast" out on the deck.

So, a while ago, Ken started giving Bert only half of the wet food in the pouch at breakfast time. He (Bert, not Ken) eats it all and seems satisfied. Later in the morning, after a nap, he'll come back to the kitchen for the rest. We call this his "second breakfast."


  1. Similar to us... Baron and RonRon get 1/2 a half'ish of a pouch for breakfast... which has to be supplied to them before my first coffee has taken effect! They then get half their kibble at 9AM... half the rest of the pouch around 6pm and another scoop of kibble at 9pm....
    what they don't get is a bottomless bowl of kibble... RonRon would find the bottom!

  2. Funnily, Jerry and I are having OUR second breakfast right now. Tostadas out.

  3. Funny how you have to adjust your own habits to suit the animals (pets). That shows how much you care.

  4. YAYZ, a bertie post! and if ken starts eating cat food, you better call the funny farm! :)

  5. Persie, our cat, likes hers in thirds, (pouch food, that is). Since our beloved Heather dog died a while back, P. knows there'll be some left in her dish to snack on later. Tasha is so like Heather was in manner. Thanks to you and Ken for such interesting blogs. Have been enjoying recipes and your life en France even more since my lifelong friend and her husband moved to Brittany in March. Happy days.

  6. Our cat only likes the gravy- quite a problem! Bert has the good life now!

  7. My dog does that, too. She is quite contemplative in her eating, sometimes leaves the kibble for most of the day, then chows down with enthusiasm all at once. As an only dog, she has the luxury of leaving her dish unattended and unthreatened by others.

  8. tim, I think they do it on purpose just to mess with us!

    mitch, sounds tasty!

    judy, :)

    chris, he's got the furry feet...

    jean, little manipulative creatures!

    anne marie, Ken prefers dog food.

    pats, thanks for the kind words!

    evelyn, finicky. :)

    emm, our fist dog, Collette, would get a bowl of kibble in the morning and pick at it a little. She saved it for the end of the day to see if she'd get something better in the meantime (she often did) and then ate up the kibble during the night.


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