Friday, October 11, 2019

The grove

This is the little grove on the Artsy Organized Neighbor's property. I don't know if he cuts the grass or if it's naturally this way. You can see his "paved" road that circles the grove. On the right are some piles of dirt and the black gravel he used for paving. On the left you can see an old roulotte, a covered wagon, like a camper, made entirely of wood. This one's wheels have been removed so it sits on the ground.

The little grove adjacent to the vineyard. It almost looks like a city park.

Our weather is warming up again. We're expecting temperatures in the low to mid twenties (low 70sF) over the weekend. I'm planning to get the mower out and cut the grass this afternoon while the sun shines and there are no showers predicted.


  1. It does look like a city park! The only thing that's missing is a bench somwewhere. ;) I'd love to take doggy there for a walk. So, what did you have for dinner on your first night alone? ;)

  2. The camper reminds me of a gypsy caravan with that curved roof.
    Sitting in a 'city park' - good description!
    And...yes, what DID you fix yourself for dinner?

  3. elgee, mary, I ate a late lunch. Pork rilletes in a sandwich with a pickle and some tortilla chips. Very fancy. On Thursday, I had a beef burrito (home-made). Friday was leftovers: a couple of small sausages with kale, steamed potato, and some cornmeal dumplings that Ken made earlier in the week. :)

    1. That sounds good! I don't think you'll be starving over the next couple of weeks! :))

  4. It doesn't look like that around here. As for "The Grove," I thought we were hearkening back to Tales of the City.

  5. It has an enchanting look as if one is about to see a fairy dance or a herd of elks.


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