Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tasha Tuesday

We're in a gray and damp pattern right now. The sky is leaden, the days are dim. Rain comes and goes; not a lot, but enough to keep things wet. It's quite a contrast from the summer when we didn't get a drop for weeks at a time.

Tasha's on the lookout for pheasants and quail. She likes to chase birds as they fly away. Sometimes I wonder if she knows that she's a sheepdog.

None of this phases Tasha at all, of course, her being a Shetland. When the wind blows it can feel a little like winter. For now it just feels like fall: chilly but not too cold. Yesterday there was no wind at all and the grayness of the morning made the leaf colors seem very saturated. It was quite pretty. I didn't have the camera with me, so here's a shot from Saturday morning.


  1. These Fall days are nice, especially when the sun makes the leaves sparkle. Tasha has a good life.

  2. No sheep in the area? Perhaps a few sheep would be good to have about rather than pheasants.

  3. I miss taking a dog for a walk...cats just don't like being on a leash. I tried to get my last kitty used to a harness when we were taking him across the US. No go. The harness slid off him and it took a long time to catch him. Tasha seems to love staying close and not taking off without returning. Good dog! Great dog!

  4. If you had sheep, they'd mow the lawn and Tasha would get lots of exercise. Of course, there are certain structural and, er, logistical things to consider, too . . .

  5. evelyn, we're not seeing the sun right now. :(

    michael, there are sheep here and there. Tasha doesn't get to see them.

    mary, we went through a time training her to stay close and not run off. Same with Callie. They learn pretty quickly.

    emm, sheep might also eat my vegetable garden. Or am I thinking of goats?

  6. Goats will eat just about anything they can get hold of. I used to ride out of a barn where there was a pet goat as companion for the horses, and you had to be really careful to keep it away from the grain bins.

  7. Lots of sun here currently. High 20s, too. Still summer. Nothing as elegant as Tasha, though. What a beauty she has grown into.


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