Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Apple tree down

It happened on Monday morning. The big old apple tree in our yard finally came down. The weekend's rain must have been too much for it. It fell under its own weight. There was no wind. Tasha and I went out for our normal morning walk at sunrise. We walked under the tree as we always do. But when we got back to the house, it was down. We just missed it fall or, as I wrote to Ken, it just missed us.

The weak spot was where the trunk branches out. It's pretty much hollow inside.

I already asked our hedge contractor if he could take a tree down when he comes for the annual trimming. He said yes, he and his crew could do that. I was referring to a dying ceder next the house, but now I'm going to have to ask him to take care of the apple. They'll cut it up and chip most of it and take it away. I'll ask them to leave the bigger branches (cut up, of course) for firewood. The question is, shall I ask them to do both trees? Ken says yes.


  1. Oh, you've been waiting for this day. What a relief about your timing with Tasha!

  2. Thank heavens you two are safe. Yikes.
    Yes, yes, have him take down both trees.

  3. We've had a couple trees to fall like yours, but not when we were there. I do know of one guy who was killed when a tree fell on him- so unlucky. Glad you and Tasha are safe.

  4. Over the past couple of years, at least two big, tall trees have fallen in the patch of woods on the north side of our house, just barely missing the rows of grapevines planted nearby. The two trees just came crashing down, with no warning, and with no need for high winds to cause them to fall.

  5. Lucky day for you and Tasha. Wow - just while you two were on your walk. Too close for comfort. Glad no one was hurt.

  6. Gosh, you and Tasha have been lucky there! I hate seeing trees down like that :( Such a shame.

  7. I just heard a lecture on Johnny Appleseed so apple trees are on my mind today.
    Do you know how old is your apple tree?

  8. Apple wood for the fire will smell delicious. Glad you weren't too close when it gave up the ghost.

  9. mitch, yes, we knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later.

    judy, it's funny, but the trees on this property were mostly planted in the wrong places, with little regard for where and how much shade they'd throw when mature. We had two sickly trees removed when we first moved in, and that opened up the views of the vineyards that we enjoy today!

    evelyn, I think Tasha would have been quick enough to get out of the way. As for me... I used to be fast, now I'm only half-fast (say that out loud).

    mary, me too!

    elgee, it's a little sad, but the tree did its time, I think.

    michael, not really, but I'd bet it was planted when the house was built in the late '60s, making it about fifty years old.

    emm, there will be some work to cut it into the right size for the wood stove, then I'll probably let it sit for a year or two before I burn it.


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