Friday, May 07, 2021

Walnut tree

There is a lone walnut tree out on the vineyard road. The nuts it produces are small and not really worth harvesting. One of our neighbors (now deceased) used to walk out every now and then and pick a bagful off the ground in the fall. Our dog Callie was very curious about the nuts. Birds (or other animules), cracked some of them open. Callie would sniff and sometimes even eat a leftover piece of a walnut, but not very often. Tasha sniffs, but I've never seen her eat one.

Lonely walnut tree.

Ken called the heating fuel people yesterday morning to let them know the delivery didn't happen. They said we were scheduled for May 12! Ken reminded them that we were out of fuel and the woman on the phone said, well, THAT changes everything! I know he told her we were out of fuel the first time he called, and she said they'd have someone out "tomorrow." I heard the conversation. But that conversation must have happened in a parallel universe. She said she'd try to get someone out "today," and she did. The truck arrived just before noon and we got our fuel. Then the driver's card reader machine could not connect to the network. I tried two cards. It was him, not me. I asked if he could take a check and he said of course. Jeez.

Now we're getting error messages on the boiler. Something's wrong with the boiler's fancy exhaust and fresh air intake system and the flame on the burner keeps going out. This is not new, but we thought it only happened in very windy conditions. I've told two service technicians about the problem. The first one shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, it shouldn't do that." The second one looked at it and told me he boosted the flame's strength. Didn't work. Now the error is happening all the time. We've got to call the service people again (we have a contract) and get them over here. Double jeez.


  1. Jamais deux sans trois! First, the wrong delivery dare, then a card reading device out of order, then a boiler with le hoquet, hiccup. What next?

  2. All going well for you then! What a wonderful visit to history with writing a cheque. I'm a bit surprised it had to COD and you could just BPay it later. I hope there is not too much wrong with your boiler.

  3. Ne'er cast a clout 'til May be out.... that refers to the Hawthorn and not the month...
    our hawthorns here aren't even showing flower buds, yet. So, dig your sweaters and fleeces out....

    On the boiler front... we had a balanced flue gas boiler in Leeds.... it developed exactly what you are describing... eventually diagnosed to the internal fan which had come away from its spindle.... it wasn't until an engineer who knew what he was looking for, took a measurement that the fault was discovered!!

  4. Fingers crossed that the boiler problem will finally be fixed.

  5. Days of one hassle after the other are exhausting. I hope today goes better.

  6. Too bad. Not a time to feel the chill without heat. I've had my heat off and each morning I dare myself to turn it back on - instead I just add more layers...however, there's always tomorrow.

  7. chm, I hope that's it for a while!

    andrew, true, I don't write many checks these days. Normally I order fuel online and pay for it that way. When it's delivered, it's already paid for and there is no financial transaction to deal with.

    judy, it's better now. :)

    tim, I'm hopeful that this technician knew what he was doing.

    bettyann, :)

    chris, it's almost like work!

    mary, we shouldn't need heat much any more, but one never knows!

    mitch, ha!


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