Monday, September 25, 2023

She swam the moat?

If you've ever seen "Once Upon a Mattress," you will probably remember that line. The musical is a spoof of the story "The Princess and the Pea," first done in the late 1950s off Broadway and on. I saw a televised version in 1972 starring Carol Burnett and Ken Berry. I thought it was pretty funny back then. I wonder how it's aged.

Once you swim across, how the heck do you get inside? Carrouges, June 2006.

So, here's the moat at the Château de Carrouges. Would you swim across for a chance to marry a prince?


  1. Last year I rewatched that televised version of Once Upon A Mattress, which I loved in 1972. For me at least, it did NOT age well at all.

  2. I remember ducks swimming in the moat at Carrouges.

  3. mitch, that's too bad. Where did you find a copy of it?

    chm, I wonder where they went? ;)


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