Thursday, January 23, 2020

A parting shot

Here's the last of the island photos for now. In the south branch of the river, the bridge is built on a low dam behind which is a small reservoir. Under the two arches on the right, you can see the old foundations of the mill that stood beside the bridge.

The water level is high right now and the dam under the bridge is almost completely submerged.

On the left is a portion of the lock that lifted and lowered small riverboats. I presume the lock still works, but I've never seen it used.


  1. And you saved the best for last, I think. Oops. I just looked again at the others. So hard to choose.

  2. I really like the hint of green, and the silvery shade of the water, against the other colors and textures in the shot. Very nice, indeed :)

  3. I like this view, too! Having the light from the sun come through that arch and reflecting in the river is what attracted me in this photo.


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